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Ole Schäfer is a type designer specializing in corporate design, logo design and typeface systems as well as typography and type design consultancy.

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Ole Schäfer was born in Gütersloh, Germany in 1970 and went to study graphic design in Bielefeld. In 1995 he went to work as a type designer/Director of Typedesign & Typography for renowned design firm MetaDesign in Berlin. He became a freelance designer in 1999 and also teaches digital type design at Berlin's designakademie. In 2002 he founded his own type design company primetype GmbH in Berlin.
lectures in typedesign, typography and editorial design
- WS 2006 - SS 2007 he was teacher in typography at FH Hildesheim
- SS 2011-2014 Typedesign, Berliner technischen Kunsthochschule (Btk)
- since SS 2015-2016 Typedesign, AID Berlin
- SS 2016 Typdesign Workshop, BTK
- since SS 2015 Typedesign, design akademie berlin
- PTL Adigo
- PTL Fabrik, PTL Fabrik Two
- PTL Golary Red
- PTL Manual Sans,
- PTL Manual Office | Turk | Baltic | CE | ML,
- PTL Manual Mono | Turk | Baltic | CE | ML
- PTL Manual Round, PTL Manual Semi, PTL Manual Slab, PTL Manual Extra
- PTL Notes, PTL Notes Mono, PTL Notes Soft, PTL Notes Style
- PTL Scetbo Bold
- PTL Speech
- PTL Qugard Sans, PTL Qugard Slab
- PTL Zatro
- PTL Zupra Sans

Karl-Heinz Lange Collection:
(c) 2009 Karl-Heinz Lange + Ole Schäfer
- PTL Minimala
- PTL Superla
- PTL Publicala

- FF Scribble
- FF Buttons Bonus
- FF Dotty (with Eva Walter)
- FF Info Display, FF Info Text, FF Info Office / HSQ
- FF Fago Condensed, FF Fago Normal / CE, FF Fago Extended, FF Fago Bonus
- FF Fago Mono, FF Fago Office Sans | CE, FF Fago Office Serif | CE,
- FF CST (City Street Type) Berlin East | West (with Verena Gerlach)
- FF Zine Display Sans, FF Zine Display Serif, FF Zine Display Slab
- FF Zine Sans/Greek, Slab/Greek, Serif/Greek
- FF Govan
- FF Turmino
- FF Transit, FF Transit Pict, FF Info Pict

Ole Schäfer, Andreas Eigendorf
- FF Fago Pro
- FF Fago Condensed Pro
- FF Fago Extended Pro

FontFont (FF) typefaces Ole designed or contributed to are available worldwide from FontShop.
Typefaces for clients
- Audi Sans, Audi Serif (Audi AG)
- VW Utopia (Vokswagen AG)
- BI Sans (Boehringer Ingelheim), BI Sans Condensed, BI Antiqua, BI Antiqua Condensed,
in all latin languages, cyrillic, greek and variousfont-formates
- Info D (Airport Düsseldorf)
- SZ Headline (Sächsische Zeitung)
- Glasgow 1999 (City of Glasgow)
- FF Meta Condensed, FF Meta 1999 (Erik Spiekermann)
- NewEco Text, NewEco Head, Officina Sans Display (The Economist)
- Fago SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung),
- Fago NS (New Scientist)
- FagoPW Office, FagoPW Office Black (property week)
- MD Fago (Corporate type of MetaDesign)
- WDR TV Sans, WDR TV Condensed, WDR TV Slab (WDR, german television)
- Nokia Display, Nokia Text (basic characters)
- Tip Sans, Tip Sans Condesed, Tip Slab, PTL Zupra Extra (Tip Berlin Verlag)
- PTL Notes (Nbr), Nürburgring Headline
- Npg Pict, Picts for the National Picture Gallery Leading System
- MagPage (Page Verlag)
- Notes Page (Page Verlag)
- Heidelberg Druckmaschinen
- ESA typefaces
- Notes Goldbeck
- ORF Onlinetypefaces